We have significant protein powder, and specialist health supplement powder manufacturing experience due to our experience in our own-brand protein powder and health supplement ranges, Aussie Bodies, Balance and BodyTrim : strong brand contenders in rapidly growing market categories.  

Innovation, from insights into latest market trends, formulation excellence along with great-taste profiles are significant contributors to this success. Our specialist food technologists play a critical role and are valuable support team who are available to provide support for formulation development or new product innovations.

  • Dry powder blending and packing 
  • 200 litre ribbon, 650 litre ribbon and 1,300 litre cone blender 
  • Packing – wide range of formats available  
  • Sachet capability
  • Wide range of applications – sports powders / joint support / colostrum powders

Supply options:                                            

  • Bulk
  • Retail-ready  packaging

Product examples:

  • Protein  powders 100% whey, 100% WPC/WPI blends
  • Specialised health supplement powder blends 
  • Weight management powders
  • Dairy powders
  • Functional foods
  • Tubs, pouches, sachets

Small-scale and long run flexibility