In 2013 we commissioned a purpose-built, bar manufacturing and packing facility expanding our production capabilities and improving the quality of all outputs for specialist protein bars, specialist food bars including cereal muesli bars, extruded products and enrobed bars. Supporting this high speed line is our purpose-built high-speed flow-wrapping packing line and state-of-the-art, automated carton machine – offering you true flexibility.

  • Manufacture of protein & health/nut based bars
  • Cooking capability for Binders, Caramel and other layers
  • Ability to produce products with non-cooked binders (Water Activity – CCP) – which are very common for Protein Bars
  • Flexible batch size Z-arm mixer with variable speed drive allowing power when needed but also the ability to gently mix Granola and other ingredients
  • Flexible batch size Z-arm mixer 
  • Trimless bar line – therefore reduced waste 
  • Multiple slitter sizes
  • Ultrasonic guillotine to cut – effectively cuts very sticky product
  • Chocolate melting 
  • Chocolate enrobing and decoration 
  • Cooling designed for tempered chocolate
  • Flow wrapping, metal detection and weight control 
  • Automatic case packer 
  • Allergy free manufacturing (e.g. gluten free)

Supply options

  • Individually flow-wrapped bars various weights and sizes
  • Bar types:  Protein,  health-centric cereal and muesli and nut bars, enrobed or uncoated
  • With flexibility in packaging format, including shelf ready inner cartons, pantry packs
  • Small-scale and long run flexibility and automated packing