Our Product Manufacturing and Ingredient Capabilities

  • Vitamin and nutritional supplements
  • In tablet and hard-gel two piece capsule formats, soft-gel sourcing and packing
  • Plant and herbal extracts
  • Seafood and marine biology products
  • Sports protein powders, functional food powders
  • Colostrum and dairy products and powders
  • Sports protein bars
  • Specialist food bars, including cereal and muesli bars
  • Coated or enrobed bars
  • Specialty teas
  • Bee products
  • Enzyme and amino acids
  • Green Lipped Mussel – freeze dried extract
  • Freeze-drying capability of bulk ingredients
  • Specialist nutritional oil
  • Milk biscuits
  • Sachet packing and canning

Supplement Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Onsite raw and packaging material testing 
  • Modern dispensary with Hepa filtration and 3WS 
  • Granulation – fluid bed
  • Tablet manufacturing – extensive range of tooling 
  • Coating for protection and stability 
  • Hard gel encapsulation
  • GMP blended powders – listable 
  • Allergy free manufacturing (e.g. gluten free) 

Supplement Packing Capabilities

  • Packing into bottles on 2 high speed bottling lines
  • Bottle in box 
  • Shrink bundling 
  • Blister packing and carton packing 
  • GMP powder packing for listed powders 

Every day that we spent not improving our products was a wasted day.

Joel Splosky